Frequently Asked Questions

What is jotdwn?
jotdwn is an easy-to-use online tool that stores social network information from your new connections. It is completely free and always will be. jotdwn is not a permanent contact list. It is a bridge between when you first meet a new contact and when you follow up with them.
How does jotdwn work?
Simply put, your new friend's information is stored on your device, whether it be your phone, tablet or laptop. Technically speaking, this data is stored in your browser using a technology called localStorage. That means there are no external servers or database calls. It also means that your contacts can only be viewed from the device they were saved on.
How do I add a contact?
You can add a contact directly from the homepage. You can also click the ‘+’ icon at the top of the site.
How do I view a contact?
Click the list icon at the top of the site. Then, select the contact you want to view.
How do I edit a contact?
On the Contact Details page, just click the pencil icon to edit your contact.
Can I save my preferences?
Of course. Click the gear icon on the homepage or the ‘Preferences’ link in the footer. You can select which fields to display when adding a contact.
Who has access to the contacts I save on jotdwn?
Just you. Since your contacts are stored in your browser and not on a server, no one else can access them.
How can I prevent my contacts from being deleted?
Your contacts are saved in your browser data using localStorage. To prevent your contacts from being deleted, simply refrain from clearing your browser data. In some browsers, such as Mobile Safari, cookies and data are grouped together, so if you delete your cookies, your browser data will also be removed. You can safely clear your browser history and cache without deleting your contacts.
Can I suggest a new feature for jotdwn?
Absolutely. We're always interested in hearing your thoughts on how to improve jotdwn. Please send your suggestions to