Use jotdwn to quickly save social network info from your new connections.

If you're like us, you eat, breathe and sleep the web and so do the folks you are looking to network with. And, if you're like us, you want more than a business card from your new contacts. You want to know where you can find them, and their work, across the web.

Enter jotdwn — the smartest, fastest way to network with developers, designers and other Tech pros.

If you meet a great web designer, you'll probably want to check out their portfolio on Dribbble. And before you get back to your new web developer friend, you'll want to check out their work on GitHub.

With jotdwn, you can store all of the important contact information from your new friend right on your own phone, tablet or laptop. Return to jotdwn later to review your contact's work or contact them via email or the social site of your choice.

It's time to start networking smarter with jotdwn.

Once upon a time…

Dave was An Event Apart regular who enjoyed the conference's networking just as much as the lectures and workshops. In the weeks before AEA 2012, Dave had the idea for a new way to network on-the-go, one that would make it easy to trade info with web pros.

He brought the idea to his friend and co-worker, Dan, and the two got to work. Dave explained his idea as a quick way of ‘jotting down’ a new contact's info. It didn't take Dan long to coin the name ‘jotdwn.’

Working nights and weekends, Dan designing and Dave coding, the pair took jotdwn from a rough concept to a fully-functional demo in time for the conference. The response from their fellow attendees was enough to convince them that they needed to move towards a public launch and bring jotdwn to the world.

Made in Connecticut by…

Dave is a husband, father, designer & developer. He loves working at the intersection of web design and development aka the front-end, where he can use his creative talents to perfect the user experience.

Glued to his iPhone and always in front of a computer, Dave is rarely offline, but when he is, he enjoys going on adventures with his family, cheering on the New York Mets & New York Giants, and playing the drums. He has been a Nutmegger for most of his life and has no plans of leaving the great state of Connecticut.

Dan loves design. Simple designs. Complex designs. Designs with lots of color. Designs with minimal color. You name it. As both a full-time web designer and part-time freelancer, it's rare that he is not immersed in a world of typography, color theory, and interface usability.

In his free time, Dan enjoys brewing his own beer, cheering on the Yankees, and spending time outdoors. Dan currently lives in Monroe with his wife, Katie, and their very chubby cat, Pumpkin.

A special thanks…

Dan and Dave would like to thank Drew Stoga for his wordsmithery on jotdwn. He is an extremely talented writer and the kind of guy you want to play ping pong with…while drinking a beer…and talking about sports. Follow Drew on Twitter and check out his portfolio.

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